• Delicious

    Handmade with love using our unique 24-hour melanging technique, our spreads have an irresistible texture and taste. We only use the highest quality organic ingredients to make your taste buds happy.

  • Packed with Nutrition

    Each spread is made with protein-rich beans, MCT-oil for healthy fats, and only the best organic ingredients. So not only will they satisfy your cravings, but they'll also support your health and wellness goals.

  • Perfect for Any Occasion

    Whether you're spreading them on toast, using them as a dip for veggies, or topping off your favorite dessert, our spreads are the perfect addition to any meal or snack. No matter the occasion, you can enjoy the delicious taste and nutritious benefits of our spreads.

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Learn how to make chocolate from scratch!

Meet the Chocolate Maker

Hello, my name is Judith Aram and I am a chocolate enthusiast. During the pandemic, I had the chance to discover the world of cacao and chocolate making. Since then, I have been creating delicious chocolate from scratch right here in Arizona. We pride ourselves on working directly with cacao farmers from all over the world, using More Than Fair(R) trade practices, and offering a wide range of unique flavors.

As we expanded our knowledge and experience with chocolate, I realized that my family and I were consuming low-quality chocolate that was loaded with sugar and unnecessary additives, providing no real health benefits. That's when we decided to create our own line of healthier, vegan, low sugar and sugar-free Chocolate, adding MCT Oil to make them spreadable and healthier.

After a long and extensive time working and perfecting our formulas with cacao, I'm excited to share our passion, knowledge and flavors with all chocolate lovers. Welcome to our journey!